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Welcome to the Veterinary Virtual Care Association (VVCA).


This mobile and fast-paced organization will provide tools to transform animal health experiences by taking virtual veterinary care delivery to the next level. Through our partnership with industry leaders, licensed professionals and technology platforms we will help practices move to the next level and deliver high-quality, convenient and affordable care to the communities served by the veterinary profession.


The VVCA will focus on the development of products, tools, guidelines, best practices and resources aimed at advancing virtual care in veterinary medicine.  The scope of services begins with a focus on the pillars of virtual care- Telehealth, Telemedicine, Telemonitoring, Teletriage, including but not limited to how to add telemedicine services to your practice, cost analysis as it compares with traditional care, and legal and regulatory issues.


The VVCA will seek to provide ongoing, leading-edge, relevant educational content specifically aimed at enabling veterinary teams, corporate groups, and animal owners to leverage telemedicine, telehealth, and virtual care to optimize the health and well-being of pets and livestock.  Practical content contributed by subject matter experts will be delivered through multiple means, such as e-learning, quick-bytes, webinars, and in-person programming. Opportunities will be possible for experiential and peer-to-peer learning.


Solutions will feature a growing list of digital health resources – from remote monitoring to telemedicine – to assist providers, professionals, products and manufacturers in the animal health industry. The veterinary profession improves the lives of people and animals every day, but needs innovation to improve care now during times of crisis and beyond. COVID-19 is everywhere around us, and virtual care, including telemedicine, offers tools veterinary practices are using at a rapid clip to respond to the crisis. Virtual care for people and animals has always been about providing care to clients or patients who cannot visit the clinic first, or prefer to receive medical advice through digital means. It does not replace in-person treatment, but we believe it serves as a door into the world of veterinary care or, as with COVID-19, a necessary tool if a person or animal is going to receive any care at all.


Founding members are veterinary practitioners, advisors, lawyers, faculty and business executives that are proud to volunteer our time and expertise to support the advancement of veterinary telemedicine and virtual care for immediate and future needs.


The VVCA is a membership platform open to individuals, businesses and organizations who want to share best practices, network with providers, learn, establish standards and protocols for everyone’s benefit, and promote public policies that make it possible to use virtual care (which we often call telemedicine) in animal health like it’s being used in human health throughout America.


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